Field committee

The Primaned Academy is continuously improving its training, responding to the needs of organisations for their employees. Our field committee consists of experts in project management, working for various organisations in the Netherlands. We use their advice, solicited and unsolicited, to keep our training courses practical and relevant.

The Field Committee consists of the following persons:

Tom Roos

Head of Planning & Coördination | Royal Van Lent Shipyard

Tom Roos is head of Planning & Coordination at Royal Van Lent Shipyard. He faces many different challenges and is driven to get the most out of his employees through good use of Project Controls.

Sebastiaan Schilperoort

Lead Scheduling & Risk Management

Sebastiaan is Lead Scheduling & Risk Management at GKN ASEA, formerly Fokker Technologies Holding. He finds his challenges in the management of large international projects, in which the right mix of people, tools and processes has to be found.

Kor Keller

IAP Team Lead NAM

Kor Keller is an expert and innovator in the field of Integrated Activitiy Planning and project planning. As manager of a scheduling team, he has successfully built up a team that can advise the organisation effectively. Kor uses communication training and coaching in addition to the courses in Project Controls, so that the planners understand their profession in all respects.

Maarten Lolcama

Manager Project Controls, Risk Manager and PPI Planner

Maarten has more than 18 years of experience with complex (integral) civil engineering projects in which several actors, including the HWBP, are involved. He links functional knowledge to his analytical skills and switches proactively between project team members and the content of the (execution-oriented) projects. He can empathize with situations and steers projects in the right direction.