Marijn van Essen MSc

As a consultant he has extensive experience in consulting, setting up and maintaining various project management related processes and in supervising tool implementations.

Marc Lens

Years of consultancy experience in the optimisation and implementation of the Oracle Primavera suite in dozens of large and medium-sized project organisations.

Michel Molenaar

7Years of experience in the implementation of risk management and EVM systems in dozens of project organisations in the Netherlands. Practical and pragmatic. Very experienced in, among other things, the use of Oracle Primavera Suite and Primavera Risk Analysis, also in combination with the various project management related processes.

drs. Euan Samuels Brusse

A lot of consultancy experience in optimising business and IT processes. Specialized in Integrated Planning Management, Earned Value Management and the Oracle Primavera suite.

Hans Seuters

As an experienced technical consultant and application specialist, Hans advises existing and new users on the use of the Oracle Primavera Suite and Microsoft Project and their implementation and management in a project environment.

Stijn van de Vonder PhD

Obtained his PhD in quantitative risk analyzes at the Catholic University of Leuven. Part-time professorat the Catholic University of Leuven. Current Managing Director of Primaned Belgium.

Roy Waasdorp MSc

As a technical consultant with decades of experience in the implementation of Oracle Primavera suite.

Stefan Hollak PhD

Manager Academy - Consultant Project Controls

Obtained his PhD in the development of renewable fuels. Consultancy experience in optimising project management and supervising tool implementations.

Roshni Bhansing MSc

The goal is to create, as a consultant, impactful insights on the interface between Business and IT. This is done from a business-economical background with experience in the field of strategy and transformation.

Suzanne Oudwater

Günter Wiedemann