Project Cost Planning & Control

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How do you progress form a cost estimate to a budget for your project? How do you manage the costs of your work packages based on a Cost Breakdown Structure and Control (Cost) Accounts?  What can you do with Cash Flow statistics? These questions are answered in the Project Cost Planning & Control module. Attention is also devoted to the basic financial knowledge required for Cost Control in an integrated schedule. The Earned Value Management module connects well with this module.

This module is part of the specialisation Cost of the Project Controls Programme.

This training can be followed remote and in a classroom. Please indicate your preferences on the registration form. Read about the plan of remote training.


  • Cost Breakdown Structure and Control Accounts
  • Basic financial knowledge relevant to Cost Control
  • Cost estimates
  • Budgeting
  • Cash Flow
  • Cost Control (control and follow-up)

Preliminary training

This training module can be completed without specific prior knowledge. A general background in project management (the Foundation) and experience in a planning tool is recommended.


After completing this module you will receive a Primaned Academy certificate.


€ 495,- ex. V.A.T. / including training materials, drinks and lunch.

Course dates

  • Very instructive training on how to budget and how to monitor this.

    Rebecca, Project Planner, Royal Van Lent Shipyards

  • Very good, thorough and applicable.

    Pieter, Project Planner, Primaned Projectadvies

Teachers of this course

  • Marijn van Essen MSc

  • drs. Euan Samuels Brusse

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